Daily Life in Sagunto

  • Daily Life in Sagunto
  • Daily Life in Sagunto

Discover with us the life of an ancient Roman who was living in Sagunto...

The purpose of this tour is to show through the monuments and everyday objects, which are preserved in the Archaeological Museum of Sagunto, how the Roman domuses were made and the use of decorative elements.

In the Museum we will also find objects made for culinary use, and many more others such used for games, music andcorporal adornment.

We will admire busts and sculptures such as the ones of Hermes or Diana, who were the most venerated gods of the city and its territory during Roman times, because of their relationship with the countryside and the vineyards. As such, wine was the main product of wealth of the noble classes of Sagunto and the main product of export in the Mediterranean area.

Therefore, there is no shortage of representation of these two gods in both sculptures and mosaics ,and even in preserved altars (Epigraphic Antiquarian) where sacrifices were made with small animals in honor of them.

The sculptures preserved in the Museum are samples of the domestic cult of Roman families.

To make this tour even more attractive we will visit the following places and monuments of the city:

- Plaza de la Morería: visit to the ‘Domus of Via del Pòrtic’ and ‘Domus dels Peixos’

- Visit to the Roman tomb of Romeu

- Entrance door to the Roman circus, most known architecture in the Roman society where the population would spend leisure time.

- Archaeological Museum: to discover the pieces that have been preserved until today.

- Hiking up to the Castle where we will visit the Epigraphic Antiquarian to see the tombs, pedestals, capitals and funeral aras.


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