Discover the figure of Jaume I in Valencia, El Puig and Sagunto

  • Discover the figure of Jaume I in Valencia, El Puig and Sagunto

Discover the figure of Jaume I in Valencia, El Pluig and Sagunto.

Jaume I is an essential figure in the history of Valencia.

Not only did he conquer the territories, but he also established the forms of coexistence  and introduced habits which have been entrenched in our culture. The Middle Ages will show us in an entertaining and informative way how our ancestors lived and how they evolved.

We will be introduced to the figure of the conquering monarch and we will be traveling through a very rich and fascinating part of the past.

We will get to know how the society which met Jaume I looked like and how it changed after the arrival of the monarch. Discover the city of Valencia, El Puig and Sagunto with the most remarkable legends and stories of Jaume´s I life.

Three itineraries full of stories and legends in which our guides will make you the main characters.

1. Discover the Valencia of Jaume I

In the city where the King of Valencia was established in October 9th 1238, we will visit the Temple Square, passing through the convent of Santo Domingo, Church of San Juan del Hospital, San Estaban Square, Valldigna´s Portal, Tossal Square, Sta. Catalina, finally finishing the tour close to the Cathedral and Almoina Square.

2. Jaume I and El Pluig: prelude to the conquest of Valencia

From this population Jaume I started the conquest of the city of Valencia.  There took place the famous “Battle of El Puig” against the Muslin troops, in which it´s said that San Jorge helped the Christian army and marked the beginning of its arrival to Valencia. The discovery of the statue of Virgin Mary was the reason of considering this place miraculous, building there a church and subsequent St. Mary´s Monastery. We will discover its history, visit the main town where the Christian army settled down and we will climb the “Mountain of La Pata”, where the old castle was located and  from where you can enjoy the privileged tour starting from L’Hord Nord until the city of Valencia.

3. Jaume I and the Middle Ages in Sagunto

Sagunto hides the medieval route which will take us through the gates that gave the access to the walled city, another one conquered by Jaume I. We will visit there mainly Peixcatería Square, the Main Square, St. Mary´s Church, Jewish District, Palace of Delme, Street Carní Real and Salvador´s Church-
A unique set where we will discover a mix of cultures conquested by Jaume I.



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