The Valencian Vicentes Saints: Single and Double Tours

  • The Valencian Vicentes Saints: Single and Double Tours

Vida y obras de San Vicente Ferrer y San Vicente Mártir.

In this double tour that can be combined or performed on different days, we will be able to see and analyze the life and work of the Saints: Vicente Ferrer and Vicente Mártir.

Tour 1: Vicente de Huesca, Martyr by Diocletian

Beginning in the Crypt of San Vicente Mártir, we will discover the history of this Saint who died by sentence of the emperor Diocletian and whose tradition is venerated the 22nd of January. Popurlary known as “Sant Vicent de la Roqueta”, we will get to know his life and work as well as visit his relic in the Cathedral of Valencia, which is the patron of the Archdiocese of the city.

Tour 2: Vicente Ferrer

From Plaza de Tetuán, we will approach the birthplace of San Vicente Ferrer, an admired Dominican preacher and known for his many miracles, which today are remembered in small theatrical representations that a Valencian Association collects as tradition. From his home and passing through his square, also known as the “Plaza de los Patos” (Duck Square), we will visit the “Plaza del Mocaoret”, where one of his well-known miracles occurred. We will visit the Cathedral, where there is the pulpit from which he preached. And finally, we will visit the Church of San Esteban, known for possessing the Baptismal Pillar where the Saint and other Blesseds were baptized.


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