Cruises choose silken and fallas of Valencia.

Cruise Tourism in Valencia returns to be rising after a few years to the low: for this year 2017 the forecast are more than positive, waiting an increase up to 12% in this kind of tourism and waiting the visit of about 450.000 cruisers.  This increase and the new rising will make the cruise tourism in Valencia become in one of the main motor to the tourism in the city.

In the Seatrade Cruise Global of Florida, the most relevant fair of cruises, Turismo Valencia and the Autoridad Portuaria de Valencia participated, with the aim to putting in value the potential of the city as a reference destination for cruises. Highlights the architectonical, cultural, gastronomic heritage, the beaches and the different available routes as attractive elements to make this kind of tourism: the latter, is what TURIART can offer.

Different routes by the city of Valencia, that cruise companies and cruises can book in their visit to the city, and cover all areas, highlighting cultural tourism and offering this routes in different languages, watching that in this market that expands, the tourist that spotlight will be those German and American origin.

Therefore, the signing of TURIART with different cruise companies has promoted an special route because the declaration of Fallas like Intangible Heritage of the Humanity the last December 1st, in which will also make the difference the relationship between the Fallas and silk, two elements that are part of the culture and valencian tradition.

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