Knights & Princesses

A family tour for true knights, princesses, princes and warrioresses. An activity that will take us to Medieval Valencia from the hand of a guide that has arrived from that time.

Do you know why the bat is the symbol of Valencia? Legend says that one of those winged mammals had a leading role in the conquest of the city by James I on October 9th, 1238.

A Medieval character has traveled in time to tell us this and many other stories and will guide us through Medieval Valencia. Who better to discover the secrets and adventures that forged the history of the city than a person who lived in that time?

“Knights & Princesses” is a family activity in which kids will feel as belonging to royalty and for some hours they will turn into their favorite medieval character. Moreover, they will learn about the city and it’s past with a talk adapted for children: history told for them.

Reminisce the tales while discovering Valencia’s palaces and fortresses and get to know the city in a different way. Our guide will take us closer to those stories in an enjoyable way, as legendary warriors and warrioresses with shields, swords and elegant dresses. On the way we will discover such emblematic buildings as the Serranos Gate or the Marqués de Dos Aguas Palace.

Are you ready for a true time travel? Dust off your armor and put on your best period dress because we are going to travel to the Medieval Age transformed into knights, princesses, buffoons, marquises, warrioresses and many other characters.

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