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A pleasant cultural walk to get to know (and recognize) the main modernist icons of the city. A route that transports us to the elegant Valencia of the centuries.

Fechas: Sunday the 21st August (10:30 a.m.) English

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  • Sunday, the 21st August at 10:30 a.m. - English

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At the beginning of the 20th century, an artistic movement arrived in Valencia that would come to change everything: Modernism. It burst in with the freshness and optimism of the new century, attracted by the new wealthy bourgeoisie and with a clear spirit of change and renewal. It came from Europe, where in each country it was known by a name, but always emphasizing its desire to break with tradition: Art Nouveau (“New Art”), Jugendstil (“Young Style”), Sezession (“Secession”), Modern style (“Modern style”), Liberty (“Freedom”)…

Valencian Modernism was characterized by absorbing elements of popular and regional culture, by exalting its own, thus achieving its own differentiated personality. The urban expansions of Valencia were filled with buildings decorated with sculptures, ornaments or mosaics of oranges, Valencian clothing, flags, dragons and bats. The movement spread throughout the region, leaving its most unique works in cities such as Alcoy, Alicante, Castellón de la Plana, Novelda or Sueca, all of them immersed in a process of great urban and economic transformation.

Undoubtedly, it is in Valencia where we can enjoy a greater concentration of modernist buildings, among which the two large markets, the Central and Colón, and the Estación del Norte stand out, all three magnificently preserved and open to the public. In addition to these three, the most notorious and well-known, we cannot forget about many other works that dot the elegant avenues and streets of the 19th century expansions, especially in the Gran Vía del Marqués del Turia. The historic center was also no stranger to this fashion and was decorated with small (or large) modernist jewels such as the Casa del Punto de Gancho in the middle of Plaza de l'Almoina or many on Calle de la Paz.

This cultural walk opens the doors to the modernist city, to a refined Valencia that hides great milestones of the artistic style that wanted to express the new feeling of the Valencian bourgeoisie. During the tour we will discover the grandeur of the Chapa building or the fantastic character of the Casa de los Dragones, while we get to know the names that marked and defined this unique movement: Francisco Mora Berenguer, Demetrio Ribes Marco, José María Manuel Cortina Pérez...


Punto de encuentro / dirección:

Under the clock of the North Station (Estación del Norte - Valencia). Metro: Xàtiva. In case of doubt, ask at the "Tourism Hub" office located on the façade of the West Tower of the Station.

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Sunday the 21st August (10:30 a.m.) English


At 10:30 a.m.


2 hours


English or Spanish


Adulto: 15 euros. Jubilado: 12 euros. Niño (de 4 a 12 años): 6 euros. --- Pregunta por precios para tours privados en la fecha que prefieras.


Turiart reserves the right to cancel the visit due to adverse weather conditions or in case of NOT covering a minimum of places.

Punto de encuentro / dirección

Under the clock of the North Station (Estación del Norte - Valencia). Metro: Xàtiva. In case of doubt, ask at the "Tourism Hub" office located on the façade of the West Tower of the Station.

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