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Mysteries and Legends under the Valencian moon


Tradition or myth, history or legend… Do you dare to discover the hidden memories of the city on this night-time tour?

Date: You can book your private tour in English or other languages for your preferred date and time. Regular tours currently only in Spanish.



“Mysteries and Legends under the Valencian moon” is a night-time walk focusing on the least-known side of Valencia, the enigmas you were never told about and the city's darkest tales.

Although history seeks to erase them, the streets and alleys of the historic centre continue to harbour mysteries and legends that have survived for centuries. A guide will transport us back to other times, to cases that were never solved, terrifying events, appearances, disappearances and incidents that, even today, we find difficult to explain.

Sometimes the gargoyles that gaze down from above were the only witnesses to those strange phenomena... Tradition or myth? History or legend?

All these stories were passed down by the residents and merchants of Valencia. Do you dare to know the ghostly tale that captivated and bewitched society at the beginning of the 20th century? Or that of the last execution of the Spanish Inquisition?

This walk invites us to spend an enigmatic evening exploring the darkest side of the city, uncovering the legends that have secretly suffused our streets for centuries.

Our recommendation: The best way to conclude your visit is with an Agua de Valencia cocktail while chatting about the strange stories that just gave you goose bumps.


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You can book your private tour in English or other languages for your preferred date and time. Regular tours currently only in Spanish.

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Adults and youngsters. Not recommended for children under 12.


Adult: 15 €
Adult with drink: 20 €
Two adults: 25 €
Two adults with drinks: 35 €
Children (under 12 years old): 6 € Not recommended for children under 12.
Ask for prices for private tours on the date you prefer.

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