Palaces of Valencia

"Palaces of Valencia" is a cultural tour that will take us to the city's most noble past. Let us guide you through baroque halls, monumental staircases and the most astonishing decor.

The palaces of Valencia are the best example of the superb architectural heritage which we inherited from the city’s noble and bourgeois past. The capital’s wealth and grandeur along the times allowed the elites to show in their dwellings and civil monuments the opulence of the several artistic styles.

During the Valencian Golden Age, beautiful Gothic style palaces were built, such as the Generalitat Palace and the Benicarló (or Borgia) Palace, which currently house the Valencian Executive and Legislative branches respectively. Later on, the Renaissance and Baroque periods left us palaces such as Marqués de Dos Aguas, Cervelló or San Pio V. The list is huge and goes on with great examples of palatial architecture, which kept developing in the 19th and 20th centuries.

Many of these palaces, located most of them in the Historic Center, have survived to the present day and nowadays we can enjoy them thanks to the tourist visit. This “Palaces of Valencia” tour is a guided walk to discover the secrets of some of the most beautiful and best-preserved palaces.

Probably the most well-known would be the Marqués de Dos Aguas Palace, with its marked Rococo style halls, like the Dance Hall, or the Valencian Kitchen preserved in the second floor. It’s one of the city’s most well-known building, thanks to its impressive frontal and its alabaster façade with two atlases representing two rivers. Nowadays, it houses the National Museum of Ceramics and Decorative Arts “González Martí”.

A short walk will take us to lesser known jewels, such as the Cervelló Palace, a residence for kings and notorious people with its grandiose Bourbon Gallery, or the Marqués de Campo Palace. The latter still preserves its Neoclassic decor and a Louis XV-style great staircase.

Façades, marble powder, monumental staircases, chandeliers, rockworks and gates with luxurious finishes are nowadays the best heritage from the city’s palatial tradition. “Palaces of Valencia” is a guided tour that will take you to Valencia’s noble past and will let you discover some of its most stunning landmarks.

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