Sorolla: The Painter of Valencia

A guided tour of Joaquín Sorolla's Valencia, through the places that shaped his life and inspired his work. We will learn to look at the city though his eyes.

“My painting is Valencia’s beach and the blessed sun, which I love more every day.” (Joaquín Sorolla)

Joaquín Sorolla, the most famous and international Valencian artist, was born in 1863 in a house in the centre of Valencia. His personal and professional relationship with the city would be a constant throughout his life and constitute the defining motif of his work.

The painter’s signature elements –his work’s luminosity and Mediterranean colours, typical beach scenes and family portraits– reflect the artist’s passion for his land. Sorolla is, without a doubt, the painter of Valencia and its light.

This tour highlights Sorolla’s relationship with his city and the places that shaped his life. It is a journey through his biography as a painter, but also through his more personal side as a son, nephew, husband and father.

To learn about and comment on Sorolla’s works found in Valencia one may visit the Museum of Fine Arts, which has a room dedicated to the artist, or the Benlliure House/Museum. The Generalitat Palace, Bancaja Foundation and Lladró Collection also contain some of his most important paintings.

Joaquín Sorolla was the first Spanish painter to gain fame both in Europe and in America during his lifetime, becoming the pioneer of a list later completed with illustrious names such as Picasso, Miró or Dalí. However, his work has not always been justly valued, even in his homeland, the one that inspired him in such a special manner.

With Joaquín Sorolla guiding our steps, we will learn to look at the city through the eyes of the painter from Valencia and of Valencia.

You can book your private tour in English or other languages for your preferred date and time. Regular tours currently only in Spanish.

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You can book your private tour in English or other languages for your preferred date and time. Regular tours currently only in Spanish.


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