The Silk Road is one of the most important trade routes around the world and it is an important bond between different cultures since the century I B.C. Currently, UNESCO have created an operating system called Silk Road as well, pretending to give more and more importance to the route through an online platform, which cooperates with associations around the world and with expert people in the matter.

Valencia was inserted in this project since 4th March 2015, when representative people from UNESCO Valencia and University of Valencia participated in a meeting in Berlin, where they defended the importance of Spain and Portugal in this project convincing the other countries to accept the participation. After meeting in Xiam, (China) Spain was accepted as part of the organization committee and it was accorded to celebrate the international conference called Multaqa of three cultures in Valencia. It took place the 19th, 20th and 21st of June in the Museum of Fine Arts, counting on a lot of participants.

Finally, the past 10th of July, it was celebrated the course of Certification for Experts in Cultural Tourism of the Silk Road. In this event the Manager of Turiart, Marta Templado, showed the new touristic routes about the Silk Road in Valencia created by the company. These routes have the goal of explaining the importance of the Silk Road in Valencia since Muslim Age to nowadays. These itineraries are focused for everyone and they are going to be offered in several languages with the aim of spreading the enormous value of the Valencian silk industry.

We hope they are going to be available as soon as possible for everyone who wants to enjoy them. ¡Silk is still alive in Valencia!

If you want to see an advancement take a look in this link:

Vicente Genovés, presidente del Colegio del Arte Mayor de la Seda de Valencia y José Manuel Gironés, director del Centro UNESCO Valencia, haciendo la introducción al curso.

Vicente Genovés, the president of Colegio del Arte Mayor de la Seda de Valencia and José Manuel Gironés, the manager of Centro UNESCO Valencia, doing the introduction to the course.

Asistentes atendiendo a las explicaciones de Mónica García Melón, doctora en Ingeniería Industrial de la UPV.

Course participants tend to the explanation of Mónica García Melón, doctor in Industrial Engineering in UPV.

Francisco Alegre
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