Turiart in charge of campaign to promote religious tourism in the Region of Valencia

Last year Valencia enjoyed an extraordinary year of the Holy Jubilee of the Holy Chalice thanks to Pope Francis and a relic that was sold in the Cathedral of Valencia. From then on, TURIART, a company specializing in cultural tourism, has decided to extend its offer to religious cultural tourism in the city of Valencia, making routes through the historic center in the most emblematic places such as the Cathedral’s Holy Grail Chapel, the Gothic church of San Juan del Hospital or the Parish of San Nicolás, the so-called “Sistine Chapel Valenciana”. Other religious tourist routes include the Vincentian Saints of Valencia and an itinerary dedicated to San José María Escrivá.

During these last months and in particular this December, TURIART is launching a campaign to promote and spread religious tourism in the Valencian Community, nationally and internationally. From Turiart we have launched the dissemination from advertising channels in local newspapers such as the national press, the distribution of leaflets and even advertising on the TV channels of the EMT Valenci buses. Our social networks have been filled by offering the tourism products we create, betting on this type of religious cultural tourism. The Valencian tourist agency is betting on religious tourism, supported by the first conference on “Enhancement of intangible cultural heritage: the Grail route in the region”; celebrated last December 15 in Vila-real, where TURIART participated.

When we refer to religious tourism we must differentiate it from what we know as “pilgrimage”, we are talking about tourists, not pilgrims. The cultural tourist as a general rule is more secular than the pilgrim, but there is a middle ground that would be the “religious tourist”, or rather, cultural tourist of religious heritage. The religious element is one of the main objectives together with others, such as the knowledge of cultural heritage and leisure time, but does not necessarily imply participation in acts of worship.

For families, for almost 10 years, we have offered routes adapted to family tourism. As for religious tourism, we offer these routes at Christmas: “A Belén Pastors, to Belén Chuiquitos”; and family itinerary “Stories of Kings in San Miguel de los Reyes”, taking advantage of the old Jerónimos building to eastern magicians.

Francisco Alegre
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