Essentials of Valencia and its World Heritage Sites (Every day at 11am)

A guided tour through the Historic Centre to visit its most emblematic monuments, with a special stress on the city's three World Heritage properties.

The city of Valencia boasts more than 21 centuries of history, dozens of monuments from every era and three World Heritage properties: the Silk Exchange (Lonja de la Seda), the Water Tribunal (Tribunal de las Aguas) and the Fallas (annual festival featuring ephemeral art, fire and fireworks). Few destinations in the world can boast three different cultural attractions on the prestigious UNESCO list.

This cultural walk covers Valencia’s most essential, must-see sites, with a professional guide sharing the city’s many stories.

The North Station, City Hall, Central Market, Silk Exchange, Queen’s Square, Virgin’s Square… Our steps will take us down the streets and through the squares of the Historic Centre, as we discover how this urban network has evolved over the centuries: from its Roman origins, through the Muslim period, the Christian era, and down to today.

We will enter the Lonja de la Seda (Silk Exchange), a masterpiece of Gothic civil architecture that was declared a World Heritage Site in 1996. The fabulous Trading Hall with its columns, vaults and ribs will transport us back to Valencia’s prosperous Golden Age.

The Water Tribunal, declared Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity in 2008, is re-enacted every Thursday at noon at the Cathedral’s Door of the Apostles, while the Fallas was Valencia’s last addition to this UNESCO list, in 2016. These festivities are held between March 15 and 19, turning the city into an open-air museum of ephemeral monuments, accompanied by music, traditional attire and the scent of gunpowder.

“Essentials of Valencia and its World Heritage Sites” constitutes an exclusive journey through the city’s great wealth of culture and heritage, which has garnered it three-fold recognition by UNESCO. Don’t miss out on the chance to enjoy this tour through Valencia’s past and present, a unique opportunity to ensure great and lasting memories of your visit.

The tour includes admission to the Silk Exchange (every day) and the City Hall (working days, except when official events are held).

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Every day (except for Jan 1st, Jan 6th, Apr 19th and Dec 25th 2019).


At 11:00.


2 hours




Spanish and/or English. Ask for this tour in other languages (info@turiart.com)


Adulto: 15 € Dos adultos: 25 € Niño (de 4 a 12 años): 7 € Niño (menores de 4 años): Gratis --- OPCIONES CON CATA DE VINOS VALENCIANOS (DE LUNES A VIERNES): Adulto con cata: 22 € Dos adultos con cata: 39 €


Turiart reserves the right to cancel the visit due to adverse weather conditions.

Punto de encuentro / Dirección

Tourism Hub at Estación del Norte (North Station, main railway station), Valencia. West Tower (the one on the right hand side when facing the station), Ground Floor. Carrer de Xàtiva, 24. Metro station: Xàtiva.

3 reviews for Essentials of Valencia and its World Heritage Sites (Every day at 11am)

  1. Ravitrok

    Anais was our excellent guide for historical Valencia tour.
    She was very knowledgeable and sharing her knowledge in a very pleasant way. In English and Spanish.
    Thank you!

    • Turiart

      Thank you very much for your comment towards our guide. She’s a professional in the field. From Turiart we are grateful that you enjoyed the route and we look forward to it on upcoming routes. Best Regards.

  2. Shyama

    I had a guide tour through Tania and it was very educational. Details about buildings that you as a tourist don’t know, you’ll find out with this tour. Tania tells in an easy way how the city of Valencia came about, the cultural customs of the residents, in short, highly recommended. thumb for Tania!

    • Turiart

      Thank you so much for this review! We are glad you linked our daily tour “Essentials of Valencia and its World Heritage sites”. Tania is indeed a great guide and very passionate about her job and the history and art of our city. We hope you enjoyed Valencia and that you visit us again! 🙂

  3. Pippa John-Cooke

    We were guided by Anais on a two-hour tour of the old city today. We were very impressed by her knowledge which was transmitted with enthusiasm and passion. She was generous with her time and was a great natural communicator. We learnt a great deal in a short period of time which has given us a good basis for further exploration and a desire to dig deeper to learn more. Thank you Anais!

    • Turiart

      Thank you Pippa! Anaïs is indeed a great guide and we are happy that our visitors can enjoy her tours and knowledge. We are glad you learnt a lot and that you will keep a good memory of your visit. See you again soon! 🙂

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