The Agents of Time

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Some of the secret doors of the Ministry of Time have been left open and we need new agents willing to risk everything to keep Valencia's history intact. We are recruiting intrepid girls and boys to help us close the portals! Do you dare to be part of the new patrol?

If the gates of time are left open, anyone could pass through them and change our past. What if we could travel back in time and change events that have already happened? What if someone went back to the 13th century and convinced Jaume I not to conquer Balansiya? What would the city be like today?

The Ministry of Time is made up of agents who guard these gates. Only they can travel through the past to keep our history safe and fight against those who want to change it. We have discovered a group of snoopers who think they are the protagonists of "Back to the Future" and they don't seem to have very good intentions. Our guide-monitor is one of the most experienced agents in the whole Ministry, but he needs help and that is why he is setting up a special patrol with boys and girls in Valencia. Our weapons will be ingenuity and cunning; the use of new technologies of the 21st century is not allowed.

Help us to find the doors, following the trail through the most emblematic places of the center such as the Torres de Serranos, the Cathedral or the Lonja de la Seda, in a tour to know and enjoy the history of Valencia. Once all the doors have been located, the new Time Agents will not be able to reveal the secret place where they are located in order to keep our past safe. The bad guys will be sent to the Moixent caves, to live with the caveman of 10,000 years ago.

Don't hesitate and join the new patrol led by Turiart's guide! Go deep into history and help us to keep it intact, Valencia needs brave boys and girls like you!


Punto de encuentro / dirección:

Torres de Serranos (plaça dels Furs)

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You can book your private tour for the day you prefer.


At 11:00 am


2 hours




Adulto: 13 € Pareja de adultos: 23 € Niños (de 4 a 12 años): 10 € Niño (menores de 4 años): 2 € Familia (2 adultos y 2 niños): 40 € Familia numerosa: 48 € --- Pregunta por precios para tours privados en la fecha que prefieras. --- AÑADE POR 5 € TU SEGURO DE CANCELACIÓN 24h. ANTES


Turiart reserves the right to cancel the visit due to adverse weather conditions or if the minimum number of places is not covered.

Punto de encuentro / dirección

Torres de Serranos (plaça dels Furs)

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

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