Catch a dragon!

We are looking for young dragon hunters for this family tour through Valencia's historic center.

The dragoness Fiona, Valencia’s most famous, has run away and she is lurking through its streets and monuments. Although she is not dangerous, the townsfolk are a little bit worried. After all, it’s a bit spooky to find a dragon while walking through the city!

We must find Fiona and persuade her to return to her den. We don’t know exactly where she is, but we have some clues that will take us to some of Valencia’s most historic corners. The expedition will walk through the Patriarch’s Church, the Corpus Christi Museum, the Silk Exchange… Moreover, in all these places we’ll find other dragons that have been turned into stone and we’ll learn about the city and its past.

Will we be able to find the runaway dragoness? Turiart is recruiting young hunters. We will only be able to do it with courage, ingenuity and teamwork!

If you are one of us, take part in this activity and help us find Fiona. Through all the tour we will be taken aback by medieval legends and mysteries and some other absent-minded fantasy creatures.

“Catch a dragon!” is a gymkhana style cultural tour for the whole family, with games and adventures that will take us to some of the city’s most emblematic landmarks. We’ll learn while we have fun looking after this mischievous dragoness that has got lost in Valencia’s streets.

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You can book your private tour in English or other languages for your preferred date and time. Regular tours currently only in Spanish.


Adulto: 11 euros Dos adultos: 19 euros Niño (de 4 a 12 años): 8 euros Niño (menores de 4 años): 2 € Familia (2 adultos y 2 niños): 30 euros Familia numerosa: 35 euros --- Pregunta por precios para tours privados en la fecha que prefieras.


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