Tapas con Arte: Mediterranean Gastrotour

A gastronomic and cultural experience in the purest Mediterranean style, a tapas gastrotour to savor the best of our cuisine and to discover the Old Town of Valencia.

“Tapas con Arte” is not the typical tapas tour. This route combines tapas savoring in two bars in the historic center with the visit to some of the most emblematic corners of Valencia. While we walk or rest in one of the locals, our guide will introduce us to the best of the Valencian art and culture.

Some sources say that it was king Alphonse X “the Wise” the driving force behind the tapas, others say that it was the Catholic Monarchs, Ferdinand VII or Alphonse XII. Although there are doubts about its inventor, the origin of the word seems clear: the plate was put over the mug or glass, so it would cover (“tapar”) the container.

Since then, tapas have vastly developed and diversified and we can say, without doubt, that nowadays they are the most characteristic plate of the Spanish gastronomy. The tapa, conceived as a small dish that goes alongside a drink, has reached worldwide fame and nowadays almost all the chefs try to develop a high-quality tapas menu.

The Valencian gastronomy has also enlisted the tapas tradition from the perspective of the Mediterranean diet, true protagonist of our cuisine. We must highlight that the principles of the Mediterranean diet were recognized as Intangible Cultural Heritage by UNESCO in 2013.

The path of this gastronomic and cultural tour will take us to the City Hall’s Square or the Market’s Square, after which we will make our first stop at a tapas bar. There we will savor the “fusion cuisine”, alongside a Valencian wine or beer. We will continue walking to the Virgin’s Square while we approach the second tapas bar, in a privileged point of the city of Valencia. In this local we will enjoy a more traditional atmosphere and the true Mediterranean cuisine. In this way we’ll discover two different but complementary ways to approach the Tapas experience.

“Tapas con Arte” is the best way to enjoy a unique gastronomic tour: combining an excellent tapas selection, the flavors of the Mediterranean diet and some of the most emblematic landmarks of Valencia’s historic center.

You can book your private tour for the day of your choosing. Ask for prices: info@turiart.com

Vegetarian alternatives available. Please, let us know if you have any kind of allergy, food intolerance or dietary requirement.

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You can book your private tour for the day of your choosing. Ask for prices: info@turiart.com

Punto de encuentro / Dirección

Tourism Hub at Estación del Norte (North Station, main railway station), Valencia. West Tower (the one on the right hand side when facing the station), Ground Floor. Carrer de Xàtiva, 24. Metro station: Xàtiva.


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